How IB networks and associations support IB educators in Asia-Pacific with staying connected (Part 1)

IB educators from Australia and Vietnam as well as the IB’s PYP Authorisation Manager discuss the many roles that programme networks, IB Associations, principal groups and other organisations play in Australasia and across the Asia Pacific region. This panel of speakers will share insights on where educators can go for support and how can schools and educators can connect with networks and Associations.

Host: Steve Wishart, IB World Schools Manager, Australasia

  • Tania Mansfield: IB PYP Coordinator, International School, Ho Chi Minh City I PYP network in South East Asia
  • Karen Abraham: Deputy Principal, Cleveland District State High School 
  • Paul Weinert: Principal, Concordia College I Chairperson of IB Principals Association South Australia
  • Monita Sen: PYP Authorisation Manager, IB
International Baccalaureate