IB leaders discuss the impact of current issues on schools and markets

IB leaders from across the globe gathered for a roundtable discussion on what can be done to address current issues – the impacts on schools and whether the differences are regional or global. They also look at how markets are changing due to the extended changes in student and teacher movement and the impact on the IB’s preparation for university placement.

Host: Darlene Fisher, IB Lead Educator and workshop designer, developer and facilitator of ‘The Essentials of International Leadership’ suite of workshops
Co-host: Steve Wishart, IB World Schools Manager, Australasia
  • Chris Wright, Director of Education, Woodard Schools UK
  • Malcolm McKenzie, Head of School, Key Stone Academy, China  
  • David Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President, Education for GEMS US & IB Schools
  • Dr J. Courtney Lowe, Director, American School of The Hague
International Baccalaureate