IB leaders discuss building a positive community culture that cares

IB leaders from across the globe gathered for a roundtable discussion on building positive community cultures and placing a higher priority on looking after the well-being of individuals across the community, including staff, students, parents, the school board and themselves.

Host: Darlene Fisher, IB Lead Educator and workshop designer, developer and facilitator of ‘The Essentials of International Leadership’ suite of workshops
Co-host: Steve Wishart, IB World Schools Manager, Australasia
  • Frank Braccia, Head of school, Gold Crest International
  • Chris Wright, Director of Education, Woodard Schools UK
  • Cheryl Keegan, Head of NBHIS, China 
  • Angela Meikle, IBWS Manager, Former Head of Elementary at Hanoi International School
International Baccalaureate